Sue Unerman

Oct 5, 2023

Farewell Campaign magazine

As Campaign prepares to go solely online, memories of the print issue's central role for anyone starting out in the industry.

Dec 20, 2021

Enter, the fifth age of advertising

We are at the dawn of a new era. The age of dialogue is making way for the age of relevance.

Nov 2, 2021

Sometimes the old ideas really are the best

There are 48 ways to transform creativity. Here’s number three – use an old idea.

Jun 16, 2021

Are we mixing up magic and science (again)?

The industry's narrative around AI must not be allowed to drift into the magical, otherwise great harm could be done. We must, instead, guide AI ethically and responsibly, and design it to drive positive change

Jan 11, 2021

The magnificent seven New Year's resolutions

The outlook for 2021 is uncertain. Here is how to ensure that your business outperforms, and that your personal career path soars.

Dec 17, 2020

Instead of segmentation, try inclusion – it will ...

Research has shown that brand share bears little relationship to the segments brands might be trying to attract.